About Factoria Labs Training

We wrote the Field Expedient SDR series because a number of our customers had experienced a lot of difficulty getting started with SDR. After writing the first three volumes, we got a number of requests for private training classes, and so we adapted the material and exercises in the books to build these courses. We’ve now reached a point where the training material is tested, refined and ready to go public.

Throughout 2018, we’ll be going on the road to a number of major cities to offer hands-on training classes. Each of them will be two full days in duration and take the same “learn by doing” approach on which the books are based. You’ll get practical experience with the hardware and software through roughly ten projects each day, including a number of Capture the Flag exercises. We presently offer the following classes:

Introduction to SDR

Intermediate SDR: Basic Digital Communications

Reverse Engineering with SDR

Building gnuradio Applications with Python

You can register for any of our classes online in just a few minutes.

If you’d like us to be notified when we add classes or locations to our training calendar, please sign up for updates.

Factoria Labs also provides customized training targeted at a wide range of SDR experience levels. Please contact us via email if you would like to talk about in-house training for your organization (sdr<at>

For all of our classes, you’ll use our laptops and SDR hardware. No software to install, no driver hassles, no drive repartitioning… Just show up, sit down and start learning!