SDR Training in Seattle

Hello readers! Until now, our schedule has only allowed time for SDR training at customer sites or at conferences such as Black Hat and the Wild West Hackinfest. After many requests, we’re finally able to offer an open class, where individual students can sign up and learn the ins and outs of Software Defined Radio.

As always, these are small class sizes full of intensive, hands-on learning. They’ll be held in the greater Seattle area (the suburb of Kirkland to be specific) from the 5th to the 8th of November. First will be our Intro to SDR class, then our Intermediate Digital class. If there’s enough demand, we’ll add on our Reverse Engineering and Python+gnuradio classes (email us if you’re interested).

You can register here, and if you sign up on or before the 3rd of October, you’ll get a discounted rate.

If you have any questions about the classes, please contact me at paul<at>

See you there!

New SDR Courses!

After learning to build analog and digital radios, a number of our customers had the perfectly reasonable question: “What next?” Over the last year, we’ve developed two additional SDR courses that provide an answer.

The first course focuses on reverse engineering RF devices with SDR, with a host of practical exercises and real hardware to attack.

The second shows you how to build SDR-based radio applications, focusing on the especially tricky part of programmatically extracting data from gnuradio flowgraph objects. Getting data out of flowgraphs is a problem that stymies a number of folks, but I’ll save you a ton of time by showing you powerful methods to get this done cleanly.

As with our previous courses, we first taught them to carefully chosen lead customers. Now, after numerous improvements and tweaks, they’re ready for primetime.

You can contact us at if you’d like to arrange a private training for your organization. We are also planning on two public training sessions this year: one in the greater DC area and a second in Seattle.